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Customer Self-service Portal at

Description:  Hubbell offers a secure, web-based option for customer self-service via its website.  This interactive application allows Hubbell trading partners and sales agents, remote access to real-time information from Hubbell subsidiaries through an easy-to-access, easy-to-use portal.

Benefits:  Rather than spending time and money calling sales or service staff or emailing requests, distributors and sales reps can access online customer service functions* such as:

  • check stock and availability
  • current pricing (published / customer specific)
  • delivery status / carrier tracking links
  • duplicate invoice downloads
  • PO acknowledgement copies
  • purchase order status
  • quotation status and review
  • direct order entry
  • return authorization request

Action:  For Authorized Distributors and Hubbell sales agents, you can register at and click on the “Get Support” link.  Once approved, your unique ID and password will be sent to you allowing access to the business transactions shown above*.  If you have questions about signing up or if you are already registered but need assistance with this service, send an email to Hubbell Service Desk or call us at 1-800-HUBBELL (482-2355).

Requirements / Cost:  The user must have a computer, web browser software with pop-up blocker turned off and ability to access the internet. The Hubbell Portal is optimized for use with Internet Explorer® version 6.x or greater (use of other browsers may not render pages correctly). There is no user fee or limitation to access other than the policies from your company or internet service provider, and you have a valid ID and password (expires every 90 days).

 * All customer service functions may not be offered by all Hubbell subsidiaries