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Hubbell Electronic Catalog at

Description:  Electronic (virtual) catalogs, specifications, images and a growing number of BIM (Building Information Modeling) objects are available from Hubbell subsidiaries and can be accessed via the internet (some catalogs may require plug-in software such as a PDF viewer or Adobe® Flash). A list of Hubbell catalogs or detailed product content are shown at or available on the individual Hubbell brand sites at

Benefits:  Online Hubbell catalogs are often updated well ahead of the next printed version, and can provide current information versus earlier printed editions. Each online catalog is designed to cater to the needs of its common users and can be helpful to those that know a little or a lot about the products they desire. Options are available to search by Hubbell catalog number, keyword description, product family or utilizing a search to select product criteria / characteristics to filter down to a single part.  Common formats include:

  • Virtual catalog “pagination” (like thumbing through a paper catalog, except online)
  • PDF downloadable versions; full catalog, sections or individual pages
  • Selection criteria (attribute driven) that prompts user through product selection process

Some of the Hubbell e-Catalogs are menu driven and help the user select product through a series of graphic representations or key word search queries. Hubbell Lighting brands offer an option that provides a shopping cart approach to move from the selection to purchase process.  Visit

Requirements / Cost:  The user must have a computer, web browser software with pop-up blocker turned off and ability to access the internet. Many of the catalogs are optimized for use with Internet Explorer® version 6.x or greater (use of other browsers may not render pages correctly). There are no user fees or limitations to access our online catalogs other than policies from your company or internet service provider.