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5G/LTE/GPS 5 Element Indoor/Outdoor Omni Antenna with SMA

By AccelTex Solutions 

Catalog ID: ATS-03100

By AccelTex Solutions
Catalog ID:  ATS-03100
ATS-03100 (former catalog number ATS-OO-5in1-2832-5SP-18). The AccelTex Solutions 5-in-1 GPS/LTE/5G antenna is a perfect compliment to any multi-band radio. This small form factor antenna comes with an integrated threaded bolt mount and is suitable for a broad range of outdoor applications.

Product Details


Application Outdoor Wi-Fi
Cable Type ATS-100
  • Cradlepoint E300
  • Cradlepoint IBR1700
  • Cradlepoint R920
Connector Type 5 SMA (1 GPS & 4 LTE)
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 °C
Technology LTE

Electrical Ratings

Frequency Rating 698-960/1575.42-1610/1710-2690/3300-3800
Impedance 50 Ohms
Voltage Ratio ≤ 2.0-3.0

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