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Grid Monitoring Platform Overview

By Aclara 
By Aclara
Grid performance and reliability starts with real-time visibility into the backbone of your grid – the distribution network. With Aclara’s Grid Monitoring Platform distribution monitoring solution, electric utilities can rapidly detect faults (e.g. type of fault, magnitude, location, phase, cause and fault waveform), and continuously monitor power flow and power quality conditions throughout the distribution network.

Aclara Grid Monitoring Platform – A Next-Generation Distribution Monitoring Platform

Aclara’s Grid Monitoring Platform distribution monitoring solution consists of a range of smart snsor and FCI devices and predictive analytics software that provides real-time visibility into feeders and laterals to detect faults, transient disturbances, monitor power flow and power quality, and detect imbalance conditions across all three phases of your distribution network.

Grid Monitoring Platform sensors are pre-provisioned and easily installed in minutes by a single line crew. Inductively powered line sensors operate down th 3 amps, and battery powered SmartFCIs provide visibility down to 0 amps. The sensors provide real-time data and alarms about grid conditions back to the Grid Monitoring Sensor Management System (SMS) software to classify events and monitor power flow conditions. Predictive grid analytics software reveals the health of your grid and manages big data with insightful and powerful analytics. Visualization tools such as Google Maps deliver the situational awareness you need to respond to issues and changes on your grid. A flexible architecture means utilities can integrate Grid Monitoring over a wide range of communications networks - cellular, private wireless, or fiber.

With the real-time data from Grid Monitoring Platform utilities can