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Grid Monitoring

Catalog ID Name Description
N/A Grid Monitoring Platform Overview Resource Quick View With Aclara’s Grid Monitoring Platform distribution monitoring solution, electric utilities can rapidly detect faults and transient disturbances; continuously monitoring load, voltage and power quality; and use valuable tools and analytics to proactivley and efficiently manage distribution networks.
N/A MV Sensor Resource Quick View Aclara leads the industry in providing inductively powered MV Sensors with visibility into the distribution grid down to 3 amps.
N/A Power Sensor Resource Quick View Aclara’s Power Sensors provide a new generation of distribution monitoring with the real-time actionable intelligence utilities need to monitor and optimize load, voltage and power conditions and improve reliability.
N/A Sensor Management System (SMS) Software with Predictive Grid® Analytics Resource Quick View Aclara's Sensor Management System (SMS) software classifies power disturbance events and provides the visualization and situational awareness needed to quickly transition from monitoring and reporting of grid events to having the actionable intelligence to respond to real-time conditions.
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