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Acme Electric’s Round the Clock Service Helps Power Emergency Construction in Chicago


Around the country, cities have been working feverishly to build field hospitals to deal with the COVID19 crisis. These temporary care facilities require stable electric power to operate. When Chicago recently converted part of the McCormick Place convention center to a 3,000 bed medical center, Acme Electric was able to provide around the clock service to deliver the right equipment.

Right at the end of the day on April 9, Acme product manager Phil Dimmery got a call from Roger Quirin, president of McDonald Associates, Acme’s Chicago area sale reps. Roger was working with Sunrise Electric Supply, the distributor providing switchgear to McCormick Place hospital project. There was a desperate need for Acme transformers to be delivered to the worksite.

Because this was for the emergency healthcare project, Sunrise need them to deliver the next day, Good Friday. However, rather than small transformers, the project required 2 large low voltage distribution transformers that would help provide stable power for the medical equipment in the facility being constructed. Each three phase 112.5kVA unit weighed 750 lbs.

The Acme team jumped into action across several states and time zones to fill the emergency need. Phil was located in Lumberton, North Carolina. He quickly enlisted help from regional sales manager Nathan Stetten (located in South Bend, Indiana) and customer service rep Roxanne Verdugo (in Tempe, Arizona) to get the order entered by 6 pm.

The order was prepped to ship from the South Bend warehouse. Unfortunately, it was too late for any of the standard carriers to pick up. Shipping/receiving clerk Philanese Granacki contacted transportation manager Cheri Strook (in Mayville, Wisconsin) for help finding an alternative expedited carrier.

In less than 45 minutes, Cheri identified a carrier who had a van just 2 hours away. A little after 8 pm, the two units were picked up and delivery was made on time the next morning. Successfully delivering on the high level of coordinated teamwork required to support the customer makes an impact in situations where lives are at stake.

Sunrise Electric switchgear sales manager John Zayed told Roger Quirin “Thanks again for saving the day for my customer. Please extend my thanks to Acme because they really demonstrated exceptional service getting that transformer out late at night the day before a holiday. Amazing job. I will definitely remember this.”

Stable energy for medical equipment will positively impact the lives of women, children and men suffering from COVID19 in Chicago.