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With copper windings and a variety of other design options and accessories, Acme harmonic mitigating transformers offer you reduced transformer heat, reduced voltage distortion due to 3rd order harmonics, and higher efficiency.



Many of today’s electronic devices are non-linear loads generating high levels of harmonic currents that are then fed back onto your distribution system. This waveform distortion results in overheating of motors and transformers, increased neutral currents and malfunction/damage to other equipment on the line. Acme Electric introduces a line of harmonic mitigating transformers that combine the technologies shown in our non-linear load (K-Factor) transformers. Where conventional K-Factor transformers “deal” with harmonics, containing them within the transformer and preventing them from going further upstream; harmonic mitigating transformers eliminate harmonics by pitting them against themselves. This technology not only results in “cleaner power” but also provides the most energy efficient means to deal with harmonic problems.


·Unlike K-rated transformers, Harmonic Mitigation transformers actually treat the triplen harmonics in the secondary winding

·Reduce supply voltage flat topping caused by non-linear loads

·Improve overall power factor of supply system

·Suitable for K-Factor loads

·Improved energy efficiency

·Copper conductor construction


·Financial facilities

·Educational facilities

·TV Broadcast facilities

·Office buildings


·Health care facilities