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Acme's Low Voltage Lighting products provide a safe, long-lasting, highly reliable power source; a perfect solution for landscape applications as well as interior use.

Low Voltage Lighting Transformer

Low voltage lighting is a creative medium with unlimited application possibilities.

Low voltage lighting benefits include:

·Precision beam control

·More light intensity per watt

·Less radiated heat

·Greater efficiency

·Longer life

·Safer to use

·Easy installation

·A high return on end-user investment

Low Voltage Lighting Transformer


·UL Listed, CSA Certified

·100, 150, 300, 600, 750, 1000 VA

·1 Phase, 60 Hz, 120 or 240 volt input

·12 or 24 volt output

·Input Auto-Thermal reset switch

·Output circuit breaker

·Fully encapsulated core and coil.

·Full fault current carrying Faraday Shield

·Flexible copper leadwire terminations

·UL class 180°C insulation system 115°C rise

·UL Type 2 enclosure

·Keyhole slotted wall mounting brackets

·Black finish

·Bottom access

·Two 0.875 (2.2 cm) single knockouts each side

·Two dual 0.875 (2.2 cm) and 1.125 (2.9 cm) knockouts on bottom cover