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Acme True-Power ® products consist of specialty designed ferroresonant transformers. Although ferroresonant transformers have been an economical solution to power problems for many years, it took the skills of Acme’s highly regarded engineering staff to refine it to meet today’s exacting requirements.

Power Conditioning


·Reliable, regulated output voltage when input voltage varies, even to brownout levels

·Extended operation to 65% of nominal when operated at 60% of full load. Noise rejection—effectively suppressing transient spikes and surges—120 db common mode and 60 db transverse mode

·Rapid response to line and load changes—5% variation in 8m sec, 10% variation in 16m sec

·Hold up time of 3m sec for complete loss of input power

·Inherent overload and short circuit protection, without thermo protectors, fuses or circuit breakers, for immediate recovery when the overload is removed

Power Conditioning

·Sinusoidal output features, less than 3% harmonic distortion, improves input wave forms which have total harmonic distortions of greater than 5%. Available in 250 through 15,000 VA in hardwired models

·Handle multiple primary input voltages

·UL Listed and CSA Certified


·Industrial Automation and Control Equipment

·Electronic Test Equipment

·Robotics n X-Ray Equipment

·Communications Equipment