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Sensor Guide

by Alera Lighting 

Reduce labor costs and installation time with integral daylight and occupancy sensor options.

  • Alera layout drawings are required for projects requiring integral sensors.
  • Internal wiring of the sensor is performed by Alera. In cases where a sensor is installed on an end cap or a 12" housing, it will ship installed on an adjacent fixture. Details will be shown on Alera layout drawings.
  • Alera standard practice is to place the integral sensor at the end of the row. Contact the factory for alternate placement or multiple sensor options.
  • Occupancy sensor lens coverage pattern is suggested by the sensor manufacturer. Contact the factory for assistance with coverage pattern information not listed.
  • Commissioning or programming of integral sensors is performed by others. In most cases, it is completed by the installer. Refer to the sensor manufacturers website for commissioning/programming instructions.
  • Although some manufacturers publish multiple sensors can be used on one power pack, Alera will provide one integral sensor per integral power pack. Contact factory with questions.
  • Sensors and/or power packs carry a pass-through warranty. Contact the factory for specific sensor and/or power pack details prior to contacting sensor manufacturer.
  • Sensor and sensor component warranty is by the sensor manufacturer. Charges for labor, materials, etc. require written approval prior to implementation
  • failure to secure written pre-approval will result in denial of claim. For questions, contact Alera Technical Services at 864-678-1000