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Phone Manager II Software GUI - Austdac

By Austdac Pty Ltd 


By Austdac Pty Ltd
The Phone Manager II Software allows the monitoring of the ST2 Mine phone system from any location. It provides the operator with a visual display of all Mine phones, including monitoring of the system, mine phones and external hardware connected to the system.Using the software the operator can: Send an evacuation tone to all or selected Mine phones. Set up conference calls between phones on the network. Two separate conference calls of up to six phones which may include an external line and operator phone. Emergency Notification detects either a dialled number like 555 or the Emergency tone button on the Mine phones. Log calls for audit purposes. Displays DTMF tone numbers on screen when prompted by operator if verbal communication is not possible from the Mine phone Nonverbal communications. Additionally PM II, can act as a backup for the PABX. If the PABX fails, you can still ring phones on the network. External Relay Box ADAM provides dry contact relay for Emergency, Monitoring and Watch dog for making sure the PM is running. External line connection is provided this allows the mine site to connect either a PSTN line of a GSM gateway to provide a back connect if the PABX fails. The GUI displays the Extension number and its location of each Mine phone, when the mouse cursor is placed over the button it will display the line current and voltage. Monitor the Mine phone line integrity, if a Mine Phone is removed, cable is cut or short circuit an alarm is provided to the operator within several seconds. No longer do operators have to wait for faults to be reported by users the system provides the alarms within seconds.
  • Windows based program
  • Easily installed and configured
  • Visual display of all underground phones
  • Call Queue
  • Emergency control of external alarms
  • Monitoring of Software and external devices
  • Display of Nonverbal DTMF information
  • Analogue or PSTN connection

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