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HubBus Eight Channel Digital Transmitter - Austdac

By Austdac Pty Ltd 

Catalog ID: HBTX8D

By Austdac Pty Ltd
Catalog ID:  HBTX8D
The HubBus Eight Channel Digital Transmitter type HBTX8D is part of the HubBus field bus range of products. The DIN rail mounted HBTX8D is capable of transmitting the status of eight voltage free contacts.The HBTX8D is designed for sensing the status of remote voltage free contacts such as emergency stop, pullkey, belt wander, belt rip and blocked chute switches on long conveyors to name but a few along with signals from devices with open collector NPN transistor outputs such as inductive proximity switches for example.The applications of the HBTX8D are not limited to conveyor installations but include any situation where the status of a remote switch contact or relay contact is required to be monitored.The transmitter may be line powered from the two-wire HubBus network cable that reduces installation and cabling costs and because of its low power consumption many eight channel digital transmitters type HBTX8D can be connected to a HubBus network.The HBTX8D offers advanced functionality and diagnostic features. All eight input circuits are monitored for external wiring faults along with other internal fault conditions. The transmitter not only signals a single ‘on’ state it transmits open, closed and fault states. This then also allows for detection of missing or failed units.Any of the HBTX8D parameters can be conveniently configured using the battery powered HubBus Handheld Universal Programmer and Tester, Type HHP1-H.
  • Eight digital inputs
  • Contact or NPN transistor
  • voltage free inputs
  • Input fault detection
  • Line or Externally powered
  • Galvanically isolated

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