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Intrinsically Safe LED Lighting

By Austdac Pty Ltd 

Catalog ID: LLS002-01

By Austdac Pty Ltd
Catalog ID:  LLS002-01
The intrinsically safe type LLS2 LED luminaire is part of the Austdac area lighting system type LLS2 that is designed to provide plant and area illumination in harsh and hazardous applications such as underground coal mines. The LLS2 LED finds application on longwalls, around load centres and on machinery such as road headers, continuous miners and roof bolters for general area illumination. In addition the integrated tri-colour indicator can provide warning or status information to the user.The LLS2 LED luminaire uses high efficiency LED technology to provide both a compact low profile form factor and a long life maintenance free area illumination solution. The tri-colour indicator uses, green and red LEDs which can be mixed to provide amber. The tri-colour indicator is fitted with a diffuser to provide a wide viewing angle.The luminaire can be powered from a general-purpose intrinsically safe 12V power supply or UPS such as the Austdac AC36W or 12/NMH/288. The AC36W is capable of powering up to 5 LLS2 LEDs (500mA version).The LLS2 LED luminaire is fitted with two power connectors which allow the LLS2 LED to be daisy chained. A standard 10m long cable is supplied with LLS2 LED, however, custom length cables can be supplied at an additional cost. The LLS2 LED luminaire cable can be a maximum of 50m in length.The sealed construction of the LLS2 LED luminaire provides an ingress protection rating of IP65.The LLS2 LED can be mounted by the integral high strength magnets or may be bolted in place using the two external 12mm mounting holes. These two simple mounting alternatives and integral connector make the LLS2 LED particularly suited for use as longwall area lighting as the lighting system can be quickly removed during longwall relocations.The LLS2 LED luminaire provides a high intensity, cool white, 90º beam of light with a luminous flux of 650lm. Each LLS2 LED luminaire draws a maximum of 700mA at 12V.The LLS2 LED has been IECEx certified (IECEx TSA 15.0028X) for both Group I and Group IIB applications.
  • High Intensity
  • High efficiency LED technology
  • Area lighting and indicator function
  • Low profile
  • Magnetic or bolt mounting
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Long life
  • Certified for Group I and IIB

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