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Case Study: Albuquerque Public School Administration Parking Garage

Aurora -High Powered Canopy Luminaire

Features: Enhanced safety thru improved visibility, reduced energy, environmentally friendly product, reduced maintenance labor requirements

Project Summary:

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More than 55 high pressure sodium parking garage lights, consuming more than 150 watts, at the underground parking garage at the administration building of the Albuquerque Public School system were replaced with 48 w LED parking garage luminaries furnished by Beacon Products, a division of Hubbell Lighting, located in Sarasota Florida, nd LED lights, reducing energy just below 50% compared to the lights.


The Aurora Series provides exceptional quality illumination, stability, durability and cost savings. The Aurora uses up to 75% less electricity than its incandescent, high-pressure sodium, quartz or metal halide counterparts - an important criterion for lights that are on 24/7. And unlike conventional lighting, there is negligible light loss over the life of the. It provides reliable, durable, maintenance-free illumination for more than 50,000 hours.

The Aurora is not affected by vibrations and typical temperature variations and is available in color temperatures from "warm" to "cool" with a high color rendering index (CRI), guaranteeing high - quality white light. It's also so water-tight that a simple hose-down removes the dirt and grime that impede illumination and jeopardize pedestrian and vehicle safety. Additionally the Aurora also meets LEED requirements for energy reduction credits.