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Case Study: Cleveland Hopkins Airport Parking - Cleveland, Ohio

Endura Parking Garage - LED Parking Garage Luminaire w/Drive Lane Optics

Project Design Goals:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Increase lighting levels between and at the front of the cars was critical
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Product Specified and Installed:

  • Endura 90W LED with T5R Drive lane optics, On-Board Occupancy Sensor, LifeShield Thermal Protection and photocell.

Project Summary:

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The Department of Port Control of the City of Cleveland Ohio was seeking to reduce energy costs, and improve the lighting levels. Once the decision to convert to LED technology was made, Fred Mack of the Airport Authority requested and received samples from 7 different manufacturers. After an exhaustive evaluation, which included ROI analysis, the Endura was selected as the luminaire that best served all the needs of the owner based on two factors. First, the lighting distribution was judged to be the best – there were no hot spots in the drive lanes, lighting levels were very even, lighting was projected to the front of the autos, eliminating the dark shadows in front of the cars far exceeding the lighting distribution of all the others, and, secondly, the ease of installation permitted a one-for-one switch in the shortest time, less than 5 minutes per fixture. The ROI analysis initially showed a payback of less than 3 years.

Luminaires located at the outside perimeter are equipped with photo elec cells, which turned off the luminaires during daylight hours, further reducing energy consumption. All luminaires were equipped with OCC Occupancy Sensor. These sensors have are adjustable low level and duration, and provide to the owner a high degree of control of his lighting system. With these two energy saving options, the actual energy reductions has been measured at 70.4%. This energy savings has far exceeded the initial expectations and the resulting payback has been substantially reduced.

The uniform lighting without ‘hot-spots’ and high levels of light to the front of the cars has increases the feeling of safety and security in the parking garage.

Drive Lane Optics:

The Endura with its ‘Drive Lane Optics’ achieves the lighting distribution that is the most desirable for the typical low mounting heights found in parking garages. By reducing the ‘peak candlepower’ in the direction that the autos are traveling (550), disabling glare in the drivers eyes is eliminated, while raising the ‘peak candle power’ in the direction of the parked autos (700), light is projected to the front bumpers of the autos, eliminating the darkness and shadows that are associated with the lack of security.

OCC Occupancy Sensor:

The optional on-board occupancy sensor provides adjustable low level and duration. The sensor has three power levels: 100%/50%/33%, and eight time options: 0.5 to 30 min. With this option, the Endura can provide up to 66% of energy savings.