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Case Study: Village of Fox Lake, IL

Genesis - High Powered Area Luminaire

Project Summary:

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The Village of Fox Lake, IL had an opportunity to reduce energy and maintenance costs and several municipal parking lots were selected for retrofitting with LED High Powered Area Luminaires. The existing 400Watt HPS luminaires were selected to be replaced with LED products which would equal and/or increase lighting levels. Maintaining the lighting levels was critical from a safety standpoint in public parking areas, so lighting analysis’s had to be submitted.

Using 144W Genesis series LED luminaires, at a 30FT mtg. hgt., Fox Lake achieved an average lighting level greater than 1.0 f/c, with an aver/min of 1.54 and a max/min of 2.7. This uniformity increased the "Seeability" within the lighted area, thereby increasing the feeling of safety and security.


The Genesis Series provides exceptional quality illumination, stability, durability and cost savings. The Genesis uses up to 75% less electricity than its incandescent, high-pressure sodium, quartz or metal halide counterparts. And unlike conventional lighting, there is negligible light loss over the life of the. It provides reliable, durable, maintenance-free illumination for more than 50,000 hours.

The Genesis is not affected by vibrations and typical temperature variations and is available in color temperatures from "warm" to "cool" with a high color rendering index (CRI), guaranteeing high – quality white light. It's also so water-tight that a simple hose-down removes the dirt and grime that impede illumination and jeopardize pedestrian and vehicle safety. Additionally the Genesis also meets LEED requirements for energy reduction credits.