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Case Study: IMG Academy - Bradenton, Florida

Viper - LED Area & Roadway Lighting


The Viper LED lighting system from Beacon Products offers a low-profile, ultimate solution in pathway, roadway, and parking applications. With its contemporary streamlined design, Viper leads the industry with a unique visual appearance that complements new and existing architecture.

Viper’s unique design offers an added advantage in thermal management and provides an even longer life in the high wattage LED configurations. Viper is the cutting edge in LED style, performance and technology.

Project Summary:

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IMG Academy’s 450 acre campus in Bradenton, Florida is one of the world’s largest and most advanced sports training and education complexes in the country. So how could the campus shine as bright as some of the stars that come from it? Lighting products from local company Beacon Products (a Hubbell Lighting brand) found a way to accomplish this.

“When we were looking at installing new outdoor lighting, we didn’t just want to do what everyone else has been doing,” said Chip McCarthy, Co-Managing Director, IMG Performance. “We wanted a contemporary look that would complement our state-of-theart campus and Beacon Products lighting was the perfect choice.”


More than 300 Beacon Products modernly styled LED Vipers were installed throughout IMG Academy’s campus. From roadways, walkways and parking lots to picnic areas, stadium entrances and the campus’s Legends Plaza, the innovatively styled Viper LED fixture efficiently illuminates these areas.

“The decision to go with LED was always there because the campus required such a large number of fixtures,” explained Todd Vincent-Myrick of Stewart Engineering Consultants (Sarasota, FL), the engineering consulting company that is leading the MEP design. “As a result of the Beacon Products LED Vipers we installed, the energy savings is through the roof. And with the 3-7 year life, payback and the return on investment is great over the life of the fixtures.”

Today more than ever, campus safety is a top priority. To ensure security and comfort on campuses, outdoor lighting must not only provide great lighting, but also needs to be kept on from dusk to dawn (about 12 hours a day). This significant usage results in increased energy consumption and costs.

Beacon Products’ LED Vipers provide up to a 70% reduction in energy consumption, while still delivering high-quality light where it is needed.

For comparisons’ sake, if IMG Academy were to have installed all metal halide fixtures on a onefor- one basis, their energy consumption would be 97,200 watts. With the Beacon Products LED Vipers, consumption is 30,045W—that is a significant reduction.

As new buildings and facilities continue to be added to the impressive campus, additional Beacon Products LED Vipers will be installed to illuminate the Academy’s forward growth.