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Fact Sheet: LED Checklist

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Here is a simple and sure way to sort through all the new LED companies and products out there to find what’s best for you. And beyond the sale, what LED company provides the products and support you deserve:

Follow the checklist of 10 key facts to make your LED selection easier and give you peace of mind.

  1. Request Independent LM-79 testing –
  2. Request Independent LM-80 testing –
  3. Request UL Listing –
  4. Does the luminaire have an integral thermal protection circuit?
  5. Know who you are buying the luminaires from. Can they support you long term. Can a brand new company support a product for 15 years or more? What is their expertise? Are LEDs a long term business for them or a new venture?
  6. Wattage – what is the total input wattage as measured on a watt meter (can also be taken from LM-79 testing)
  7. Light – does the photometric performance produce the light levels that are required? Put up a test unit and evaluate before and after (look at light distribution). Take measurements and compare data.
  8. Operating Temperature and Life – know the junction temperature of the LED’s. How are running vs. how hot the LEDs can run. Compare LM-79 and LM-80 data. This will help you predict the life of the unit in your application.
  9. What is the warrantee on the driver? What are the terms and protection?
  10. Warranty – are you protected? Who makes the components? Who warrantees the product? What are the terms and protection? Are they able to service/back up the warranty?