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Thought it was too difficult to switch?

Although the benefits of LED are numerous, the prospect of switching out your traditional
luminaires can seem daunting. The cost of replacing existing lighting enclosures combined with
the time and money spent on installation can often seem to outweigh the benefits.

That’s why Chalmit have introduced the Protecta lll LED Geartray

The geartray makes upgrading a simple, quick and cost effective process. In the words of Karl
Slingo, lighting designer for Chalmit; “LED is the future of lighting and we want to make sure our
customers can benefit from it."

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Designed to replace any existing Protecta lll fluorescents, the geartray keeps costs and installation time low. “There’s no need for any re-wiring, re-glanding or replacement of the original Protecta Enclosure,” Karl says “so we can get our customers up and running with LED in minutes."

On top of installation and cost benefits, the geartray also boasts all the benefits of cutting edge LED design. This includes superior energy savings and an incredible 120,000 maintenance free hours of lighting.


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By Olivia Serrage


Olivia Serrage

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