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LED is not a new innovation. It was actually discovered over 50 years ago by General Electric’s Nick Holonyak.


We have relaunched the new and improved HDL106. Find out more by reading Katie’s blog post on how Chalmit have improved the ‘future of hazardous area lighting’.



LED lamps can have over 100,000 hours of useful light. That’s over 4000 days of illumination for 24 hours a day! The HDL106N will stay bright for over 10 years, even if it is lit for 24 hours a day!


LEDs are much safer as they don’t emit Ultra Violet light. They do not contribute to health issues associated to fluorescent luminaires, such as headaches, and don’t attract as many insects.


Our Protecta LED Retrofit is one of our most popular LED luminaires and has been specified on the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm Project.


Our LED luminaires work perfectly with Control Stations as their effective life is not reduced by turning them on and off. Beatrice have adopted the perfect solution pairing the Protecta LED with Hawke’s Control Stations.


LED lights are completely mercury free. In fact, they do not contain any of the substances listed in the Hazardous Substances Directive making them safe to use and widely recyclable!


By 2020, close to 50% of lighting on the market will be LED!


Unlike traditional fluorescent lamps, over 90% of LEDs are recyclable, making it kind to the environment and part of the Hubbell Sustainability Initiative.


Since 2011, LEDs operating at powers of 1W have reached a level efficiency that classifies them as a cost effective alternative to fluorescents.


Our Solas Emergency Floodlight utilizes LED technology to illuminate industrial areas.


LEDs provide directional light to supply illumination exactly where you need it. Fluorescents provide multi-directional light meaning that only 60-70% of light emitted is actually being used.


Switching to LED could save the US alone around $265 billion over the next 20 years.


LED lamps are much more efficient at extreme temperatures then traditional fluorescent lamps.


We have a catalogue dedicated to all things LED! Download your free copy today.


Want to find out more about our LED range? Contact Ken Eddleston via: keddleston@hubbell.com or get in touch via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kenneth-eddleston-928ba91a/


We’ve relaunched the HDL106!

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