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The First Edition

When Hadar introduced the HDL106 back in 2009, it revolutionised the hazardous area lighting industry. With a 40% reduction in weight and further power savings compared to traditional HID luminaires, the HDL106 was hailed the ‘future of hazardous area lighting’. Well now it has been reborn with new parents and Hubbell’s stamp for quality, reliability and safety.


Coupled with the power savings that LED technology provides, the life of the luminaire is over 10 years, even if lit for 24 hours a day! The HDL106 can be inter-linked to give the output and beam pattern that the consumer desires.

HSE Bulletin

Let’s now address the elephant in the room… Soon after Hubbell acquired Hadar and the HDL106, HSE released a bulletin regarding the safety of some of Hadar’s product lines. CSA-Sira found issues with Hadar’s production process and control measures. Some samples when tested failed ingress protection and IP tests.

Hubbell have responded to the bulletin by applying their core mantra for safety and reliability. All Hubbell products go through rigorous in-house and third-party testing to ensure that the expectations of the industry and our customers are not met but exceeded. The new diffuser satisfies impact requirements and IP ratings for the whole collection, but Chalmit didn’t stop here. Continuous innovation resulted in further improvements to the HDL106. It’s vibration resistant, highly energy efficient and boasts an instant on, crisp white light output. The HDL106N is an exciting addition to Chalmit’s portfolio.



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