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June 3, 2019

Ruth Henderson




Meet The Team


Ken Eddleston is Lighting Product Manager for Chalmit. He’s our resident all round lighting expert. Here he talks about exactly how the Protecta X was realised.



Q. How did the Protecta X concept come about?

A. For the past 50 years, traditional 2ft and 4ft linear have been the “go to” luminaire for use in many hazardous and industrial low-level areas. The linear shape was dictated by the size and shape of the fluorescent lamps they contained. This same shape has been commonly used to house LEDs because, in our minds, it’s how a linear should look. However, our team discovered that the linear housing actually inhibits the performance of LEDs. We set about creating a completely new enclosure which puts LED technology at the centre of the design.

Q. In what way is LED performance impacted by the traditional linear enclosure?

A. The product lifespan is really the key way. In theory, the luminaire has a minimum expected lifespan of more than 120,000 hours at 25°C. The single biggest factor in ensuring that luminaires meet this lifespan is temperature. In traditional linears, the LEDs and driver are housed in the same GRP enclosure. This causes heat to build up and shortens the life of both components. The poor conductive properties of plastic also mean that, in a linear enclosure, heat just gets trapped.

Q. How do you ensure the Protecta X meets the minimum expected lifespan?

We use a variety of techniques to thermally manage the product. One way is that the driver and LEDs are housed in separate enclosures, allowing a flow of air between them to efficiently dissipate the heat generated.

Discover more about Thermal management techniques in our Q&A with Design Engineer, Paolo Camillo.

Q. How did customer feedback influence the design of the Protecta X?

The extensive Voice of the Customer surveys we carried out formed an integral part of the design and development of the Protecta X. In particular, we found a lot of customers were having issues with emergency batteries. Operating procedures within industry often require luminaires to be installed on site but not powered up immediately. In some cases, this timeframe can be up to a year. As with all batteries, there is a risk that they could fall into a deep discharge state during this time.
The Protecta X has an innovative, swappable, battery stick. This means that the luminaires can be installed, then the battery stick purchased just ahead of power-up. This process eliminates the risk of batteries entering deep discharge and ensures emergency luminaires are fully functional from power up.


  • Ken Eddleston

  • Role:Senior Lighting Specialist
  • Years with company: 9
  • Areas of expertise: Product Management, Lighting Design and Mechanical Engineering
  • Hobbies: Eating
  • Interesting fact: If you ever need a Glasgow restaurant recommendation, ask Ken. He's eaten at all of them.



Meet The Team
Paolo Camillo,
Design Engineer

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By Ken Eddleston


Meet The Team
Michael Truswell,
Design Engineer

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Ruth Henderson

Marketing Specialist

Ruth worked with Chalmit Internal Sales from June 2016 ahead of joining the Marketing team, so has first hand knowledge of customers’ needs. This experience combines with a background in the engineering and retail marketing sectors. In her spare time you’ll find Ruth walking through the woods with her dog or indulging in her passion for arts and crafts.


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