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Q: Firstly Ian, tell us about your role.

A: I began my time with Chalmit, like many of my colleagues, in manufacturing - nine years ago. Following some time working in the lab, I moved on to become a Production Engineer. Previously I’ve worked on aligning the HDL106 within the Chalmit brand and I am now delighted to have played my part in designing the Sterling III.

Q: What did you set out to achieve when undertaking the design process?

A: Our Sterling range has a long standing reputation as a high quality, cost effective linear solution, commonly utilised within Industrial or Zone II hazardous environments. We are always striving to provide our customers with practical solutions for their markets, and in this instance we identified that there was an opportunity to further improve the existing Sterling II LED linear range to meet these needs.

Q: What benefits does the Sterling III have over its predecessors in the series?

A: The Sterling III is lighter than the previous model, with increased LED life: up to 155,000 hours to L70. The fitting also benefits from improved power savings over the Sterling II. The new design also features a broad AC/DC voltage range on the non-emergency linear, meaning that it can be utilised with a centralised battery system as an alternative to an integral battery backed Emergency.

I was happy to have the opportunity to take customer feedback and use it to directly influence the design process of the luminaire whilst making updates to deliver greater performance and save time.

Q. So the customers influenced the updates you made?

A. Of course! Our customers’ requirements are at the forefront of all we do at Chalmit. We’d received feedback that the gear tray was sometimes difficult to access when maintaining the fixture. I used this as my focus throughout the design process. The resulting updated Sterling III design features a new streamlined gear tray. This allows easy access for inspection and maintenance, ultimately saving time and making the whole processes more convenient.

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Ruth Henderson

Marketing Specialist

Ruth worked with Chalmit Internal Sales from June 2016 ahead of joining the Marketing team, so has firsthand knowledge of customers’ needs. This experience combines with a background in the engineering and retail marketing sectors. In her spare time you’ll find Ruth walking through the woods with her dog or indulging in her passion for arts and crafts.

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