Lighting Up the North Sea with the
Protecta X LED


Last year saw the launch of Chalmit’s largest ever investment in product development – the Protecta X. The revolutionary luminaire promised a mould-breaking design that would change the face of Linear lighting forever. For one North Sea operator, the installation of the Protecta X has already marked an incredible improvement in lighting across their platform. UK Sales Manager, Grant Stott, tells us more.


The Challenge

For this North Sea operator, the key challenge was health and safety. They wanted a luminaire that would greatly improve the visibility of potential obstructions and reduce the likelihood of any staff slipping, tripping and falling. Reducing maintenance time was another key focus due the costly nature of performing maintenance tasks in an offshore environment. Boosting the green credentials of the project was the final challenge.


The Solution

Following an assessment, the Protecta X LED luminaire was identified as the ideal linear solution to these challenges. Grant Stott explains why.


Improving Health & Safety

We all know how unsafe it would be to perform high precision tasks in heavy industrial environments in dimly lit conditions. The Protecta X delivers highly directional and uniform LED lighting with impressive colour rendering credentials.Colour rendering indicates the degree to which a light source shows the true object it illuminates.This means more accurate lighting which eases precision in tasks like quality checks. This high-performance output also drastically reduced the risk of slips, trips and falls on the platform.


Reducing Operating Costs & Maintenance Time

The highly directional output of the Protecta X also means that it can produce the output of a 4ft luminaire in a fitting less than half the size. This minimised the number of luminaires required to illuminate the platform effectively reduced initial luminaire and installation costs. Longer term, fewer luminaires will also mean lower operating costs for the operator due to lower maintenance and inspection requirements.

System Life

The Protecta X LED has a system life of over 120,000 hours at 25°C. A high-pressure sodium luminaire, on the other hand, needs relamping every 20,000-24,000 hours. Installing the former as opposed to the latter creates five fewer maintenance visits, thus significantly reducing costs and the risk of accidents during maintenance.


Boosting Green Credentials

LEDs use far less energy compared to the fluorescent alternatives. In fact, the Protecta X, is 50% more energy efficient than the average fluorescent light and allowed this operator to get the same performance for half the power consumption.For luminaires, the input wattage and lumens are documented, and a calculation of lumens per watt acts as the efficiency metric.The most efficient lights will perform with a power factor (PF) above 95 percent and a total harmonic distortion (THD) below 15 percent. The drivers used to power the Protecta X LEDs have very high PF and low THD values.


Additional Luminaire Benefits

As well as meeting the operator’s challenges, the Protecta X LED Linear has the added benefit of easy installation. Indeed, the installation technicians complimented subtle things like the commonality of termination as well as the ease of installation.
The Protecta X has the bonus of a front access panel which means the days of removing everything from a linear enclosure, including the LED array, to install wiring are gone. There was no need to take the Enclosure apart, the technicians could just take off the front panel, wire and go!


For full information on the Protecta X LED Linear Luminaire click here


Grant Stott

UK Sales Manager

Grant joined the Hubbell team in 2017 with any impressive background in Hazardous Area applications. Grant is passionate about LED technology and the positive impact it has, not only on End User operating expenses, but on supporting global sustainability initiatives. In his spare time, Grant loves to run and spend time with his family.
To get in touch with Grant, email him via or follow him on LinkedIn


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