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Be Prepared to Break the Linear Mould

For over 50 years, traditional 2ft and 4ft linear luminaires have dominated low level lighting applications in hazardous and industrial areas. The shape of the enclosures has been dictated by the length of the fluorescent lamps they housed. That same shape is still commonly in use now, but why? The most obvious answer is that is how a linear should look.
The truth is, by retrofitting LEDs into a traditional enclosure, users cannot reap all the benefits of LED technology. To get the most out of LED technology, the LED array must be placed at the centre of the design, not installed within an old enclosure. Find out how our team used this feedback to create the revolutionary Protecta X, below.



Product Benefits

With a design created around LED technology, the revolutionary Protecta X boasts a variety of benefits including easy installation and maintenance, longest lifespan and much more. Discover some of these benefits, below.


  • Market-leading luminaire efficacy

    Effective thermal management techniques, combined with the use of highly efficient LEDs and optics, contribute to market-leading efficacy of ≥ 135 lm/W and provides up to 50% energy savings vs traditional fluorescent fixtures. This ensures that the Protecta X provides the lowest lifetime cost for our customers.

  • Optimised lumen Output

    The Protecta X incorporates specialised optics over its LED chips to deliver the performance of a 4ft linear in a lightweight and slimline luminaire package. The optics efficiently control the light to ensure a targeted bright, white output with minimal light spill.

  • 120,000-hour maintenance free lifespan at 25°C

    The Protecta X’s design incorporates a variety of thermal management techniques to keep the luminaire cool so that it achieves an incredible lifespan.

  • Innovative Live Plug and Play Battery Stick

    The Emergency Protecta X is powered by an innovative battery stick which can be easily slotted in and out of the side of the luminaire, even after it has been installed on site, and without needing to access/ open the driver enclosure.


Product Range Options

Protecta X LED Zone 1/21

Em protecta X
Available in standard and emergency options

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Protecta X LED Industrial

Em protecta X
Available in standard and emergency options

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Meet The Team

Our world-class team have worked tirelessly throughout the design and development of the Protecta X to
provide a luminaire that will delight our end users.

  • Ken_Eddleston

    Kenneth Eddleston

  • PaoloCamillo

    Paolo Camillo

  • Michael_Truswell

    Michael Truswell

  • James Ellerker

    James Ellerker

  • Mark Poutney

    Mark Poutney



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