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Anchor, Tool, SS5/SS150/RR Drive Wrench

by CHANCE Foundation Solutions 

Catalog ID: 639001

SS5/SS150/RR Drive Tool for use with 5 1/4" (133.5 mm) bolt circle Kelly Bar Adapter.

  • These tools include our proprietary Alignment Window that helps reduce chance of finger pinch when anchor is inserted into tool.
  • These drive tools require the appropriate Kelly bar adapter, sold separately
  • Each comes with bolts, nuts and lockwashers.
  • Includes Bent Arm Pin and Coil Lock

Product Details


Application Anchor/Pile Installation
Attachment Style Kelly Bar Adapter
Bolt Grade 5
Coating Painted
Drive Wrench Anchor Type
  • SS5 Anchor
  • SS150 Anchor
  • RR Anchor
EU RoHS Indicator No
Number of Bolt Holes 6
Type Anchor/Pile Installation Tools
UPC 096359073109


Anchor Installation Hole Size 0.5 in
Diameter - Bolt 0.5 in
Diameter - Bolt Circle 5.25 in
Weight 7.840 lb


Pallet Quantity 80
Standard Package 1



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Installation/Instruction Manual (IOM)