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Interior Slab Bracket (ISB) for Interior Slab Remediation

Save time and money with the CHANCE® interior slab bracket from Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. The multi-arm slab bracket is designed to assist in the reduction of piles required for slab-on-grade foundation remediation and to provide pile location flexibility. When used in conjunction with the patented CHANCE (SS-RS) combo pile, the ISB can result in overall lower project costs while maintaining the desired load requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Low cost repair option versus demolition and slab replacement
  • Optimal load distribution reduces the number of piles per standard industry methods
  • Less project piles equals reduced excavation
  • Material and labor savings
  • Bracket placement flexibility avoids expensive interior finishes
  • Load capacity ratings: 57 kip Ultimate / 28 kip working
  • Designed for on grade applications and interior slab remediation
  • Option versus demolition and slab replacement
  • Your competitive edge – Optimal load disbursement reduces the number of piles required on a remediation project as compared to available industry methods
  • Bracket placement flexibility to avoid disruption of expensive interior finishes [i.e. high end kitchens, tile work, etc.]


  • Step 1: Core drill a 10-12 inch diameter hole through the concrete slab.
  • Step 2: Place the bracket upside down on top of the cored hole. Mark or outline the expanded bracket arms.
  • Step 3: Excavate at each location where the bracket and its arms are to be installed.
  • Step 4: Place the helical pile in the excavated hole. Combo pile systems are recommended.
  • Step 5: Install the helical pile.
  • Step 6: Terminate the helical pile shaft and install the bracket. Ensure bolts are tight and the bearing plate is level and centered.
  • Step 7: Lift or stabilize the structure using a hydraulic ram with a pressure gauge.
  • Step 8: Tighten the nuts against the bearing plate once the structure is lifted or stabilized. Cut rod leaving a minimum of 1/4 inch above the nuts.
  • Step 9: Back fill the excavation below the slab and cap the cored hole.

A registered professional engineer should prepare the plan of repair. Please contact your local HPS distributor for more information on the CHANCE interior slab bracket.