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A Better Solution to Halt your Sinking Slab

Many residential and commercial property owners face issues with their slab foundations. Whether the slab is resting on a fill that has been placed or compacted incorrectly or is situated atop unstable soils that shift or contract due to factors such as moisture or temperature, there are many reasons a house could begin to resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or perhaps even the city of Venice.

Hubbell Power Systems provides a versatile, economical solution for these challenges using its Interior Slab Bracket (ISB) in conjunction with CHANCE helical piles. The multi-arm slab bracket is designed to assist in the reduction of piles required for slab-on-grade foundation remediation and to provide pile location flexibility.

When seaside cabins in Gold Beach, Oregon, began to noticeably settle, it was cause for some concern. The properties had been built on a landfill where much of the fill’s contents were uncontrolled and unidentified, and the property owners needed to act quickly in order to prevent any further sinking or damage to the property.

Luckily, the owners of these Gold Beach residences knew where to turn. Hubbell Power Systems gave the foundational support necessary to prevent further settling without any demolition or slab replacement.

The entire process took under two days to complete — even taking into account the discoveries of a rubber raft and part of a motor home lying beneath the settled portions of one of the homes.

While not every property will run into the same issues these Gold Beach cabins did, settling and sinking is a serious — and often disastrous — problem that many property owners face. Many commercial and residential building owners often turn to expensive and intrusive solutions such as slab demolitions or interior upgrades.

However, ISBs and helical piles may offer a more efficient solution for many property owners looking to save their crumbling buildings on a budget. This option often saves time and money, offering, in return, a stable house and peace of mind.

The Benefits of ISBs Over Traditional Solutions

At this point, you may be asking yourself whether the ISB and helical piles are too good to be rue. If they really are less expensive and easier to implement than other fixes, does that mean there’s a sacrifice in quality?

It’s a fair question. The truth is, in many cases, ISBs in conjunction with helical piles actually present a more stable option, regardless of price or time constraint. Here are three ways ISBs beat out the competition and help keep your house level and intact.

  1. They’re budget-friendly.

    The ISBs provide optimal load disbursement, which reduces the number of piles per standard industry methods. Also, fewer project piles equal reduced excavation and a lower overall construction cost. This makes it an ideal solution for slab foundation in residential or commercial properties.

  2. They’re versatile.

    ISBs and helical piles present a flexible solution for on-grade applications and interior slab remediation. More traditional foundation solutions, such as concrete or push pier, often require demolition and slab replacement, but the ISBs with helical piles would offer a more versatile solution.

  3. They really dig in.

    The ISBs directly work with CHANCE helical piles, an industry-leading foundation solution. In cases where the soil near the surface is not suitable for commonly used shallow concrete strip footings, helical piles excel. Soft ground, fill, debris, expansive soils, and other soil-related obstacles present no opposition to helical piles because they don’t rely on surface soil for stability.

While helical piles might not be the solution for every foundation, they’re much more versatile and stable than many people realize — especially when combined with ISBs. Unless an interior slab repair is required to complete the sale of your home, don’t assume the traditional response to a settling home is the best response.

Do your research: Figure out what options you have for internal slab repair, and find out whether the cost of restoration is more or less than the cost of conventional slab replacement and removal. You may find that ISBs and helical piles present the perfect solution to shore up your house and prevent it from becoming the leaning tourist attraction of your neighborhood.

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