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by CMC 

Catalog ID: IS-4-10R

3.75 x 10’x1/8” paper backed rollpacked in dispenser box

  • Insta-Seal pads & rolls have wax paper backing
  • Ideal for covering electrical connections to seal out moisture and prevent corrosion from attacking interface contact surfaces
  • Highly cohesive and adhesive cured butyl rubber compound which adheres to polyethylene as well as RHW, THW and rubber
  • mastic from getting on either hands or gloves as it is be pressed over a connection, and it also acts as a tough dielectric covering which is highly resistant to being pierced by bolts, conductor ends and sharp projections on connectors
  • Can be applied on non-icy surfaces when temperatures are down to 0 degrees F and it retains flexibility and adhesion after installation down to - 50 degrees F

Product Details


Type Sealant