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NX Specialty Switches

By Hubbell Control Solutions 

Collection Name:  NX Distributed Intelligence

By Hubbell Control Solutions
Collection Name:  NX Distributed Intelligence
The NX Specialty Switch Station provides manual control of the NX System. The NX Switch Stations include an On/Off switch, NX-OO, an On/Raise/Lower/Off switch, NX-ORLO, a 4-button Preset switch for scene control, a Scene Switch with 4 presets plus Raise/Lower, NX-SS, a Raise/Lower dimmer switch, NX-RL, and a Timed On switch, NX-TO. All Switch Stations provide plug and play integration with the wired or wireless NX Room Controllers or Smart Port Module.
  • Attractive, architecturally-pleasing decorator style design
  • Multiple switch options available
  • All switches mount to standard single or multi-gang wall boxes
  • Plug and play integration with NX Room Controller
  • Five-year limited warranty

Product Details


Controls - Applications
  • Industrial - Office
  • Commercial - Office
  • Commercial - Large Office/Open Area
  • Commercial - Conference Room
  • Commercial - Bathrooms
  • Automotive - Office
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Project Type
  • New Construction
  • Retrofit
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