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Richard Boothe, is a Senior Customer Service Representative Specialist of Hubbell Gas Connectors and Accessories. Continental Industries is an manufacturing company of connectors for gas, propane, and water distribution service lines and exothermic welding products for electrical grounding, cathodic protection, lightning protection, and electric railways. Richard has assisted the company in becoming an industry leader for over 37 years. His work began at the Hubbell location in Broken Arrow at what was called Mark II Wholesale back when they manufactured and sold pipe. A position became available at the Tulsa office and that’s where the story continues.

Richard is a liaison between customers and manufacturing, quality, accounting and various other departments. He uses his strong analytical skills and product knowledge to identify and assess customers’ requirements. Richard quotes, “I have had the privilege of building and maintaining many great customer relationships over these many decades and look forward to more.”

Before devoting his work fulltime to HGCA, Richard worked as a fitter welder of coal dryers and oil field truck beds. When the oil industry went bust for a short period of time, he worked for a gold/silver business buying and selling related products and diamonds. Throughout his career he has witnessed many changes. one change that has stayed with him over the years is when he was introduced to the new technology of faxing. He says, “I remember standing there watching the page coming across the scanner questioning how in the world is that possible.” It was a step up from the Telex machine the company had.

In addition to being a senior customer service representative, Richard is a full-time family man who enjoys spending quality time with his wife of forty years, their two sons, and daughter-in-law’s. A long dead-end road, a house, and a pond located in Oklahoma, is where he calls his home. Out there, He enjoys fishing and watching the dogs play in the pond and the chickens chasing each other after catching frogs, worms, and snakes. Richard also enjoys doing a bit of binge-researching about various subjects. He quotes, “I’ve learned to question everything and not just accept the narrative.”


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