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About Us

Illuminating The Path Of Egress

Setting the standard for excellence with the broadest selection of commercial and industrial life safety products anywhere. Innovative emergency lighting products. Self-diagnostic Spectron® units. Aesthetically pleasing, energy-saving exit signs. Rugged, hostile environment equipment. Feature-packed AC inverter power systems. But Dual-Lite's product diversity is just the beginning.

From concept to carton, we build reliability into every product we make to assure the long service life and trouble-free operation the industry has come to expect from Dual-Lite. Just as they've come to expect our value-added support programs and nationwide authorized service network.

In short, we're more than a supplier of industry leading products. We're also working hard to enhance reliability, broaden our support services and assure total customer satisfaction.


Too often, quality is just a word. At Dual-Lite, it is the hallmark of all we do.

It begins with our initial design, and extends through every stage of production.

You'll recognize it in the aesthetics of our product lines, ease of installation and trouble-free operation. It's evident in the reliability of our electric and electronic components, and the superior grade materials used in our chassis and housings, all of which must meet our stringent specifications.

Quality...It's what our customers have come to expect from any Dual-Lite product they purchase. They know Dual-Lite products must measure up to exacting performance criteria and withstand a series of thorough inspections, so they can buy with confidence.


Life safety products carry an important trust. When an emergency strikes, every individual's safety rests on the proper operation of emergency lighting and power products to assure orderly egress from a building.

Ensuring their full protection means our life safety products must perform reliably, on demand, without question. It's an unyielding standard Dual-Lite sets for itself...one that has resulted in millions of trouble-free hours of operation.

That's why Dual-Lite products easily meet the industry's strictest standards. We are also proud of our integral involvement in the committees which establish these emergency lighting product criteria.

Whether these standards are UL, NFPA, the NEC, NEMA, local or state codes, our products meet them all. Dual-Lite life safety products - designed to deliver performance you can trust.


Those who purchase our products know the name Dual-Lite means commitment to service...dedication to research...and the development of innovative technologies. They also recognize that it stands for a company independent of other interests, one whose sole focus remains emergency lighting and power products.

When you rely on the Dual-Lite name, all this can be summed up in a single word - value. Value you can measure in reduced operating and maintenance costs. Value that separates our products from the ordinary, regardless of application, be it commercial, industrial or institutional.

For some companies, such statements are mere claims. For Dual-Lite, they remain documented fact...reinforced by a superior warranty...and an unsurpassed record of performance...a record that says you've invested wisely.