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Intelligent Plant Paging System

By GAI-Tronics 


By GAI-Tronics
Catalog ID:  ADVANCE
ADVANCE is a fully-monitored Emergency Notification System utilizing GAI-TRONICS proven Page/Party® architecture. By interfacing with the ADVANCE control unit, the devices exchange fault and activity messages. The SmartView Portal provides a graphical display of the entire communication system, making the system very user-friendly. The SmartSeries stations operate like traditional GAI-TRONICS Page/Party® stations with some added features. The distinguishing features associated with the SmartSeries stations are automatic off-hook duration limit, page duration limit, and volume adjustment.
  • Broadcast of up to 100 alarm tones and pre-recorded speech messages, all custom configured.
  • The ID feature identifies the specific station generating a page, so that control room personnel can locate the source of the emergency.
  • The Emergency Party Line feature automatically connects the SmartSeries station to the Control Room, as well as identifying the specific station, to locate the source of the emergency.
  • The Priority Page feature allows a control room operator to override operational communication to issue priority pages to emergency response personnel, or to issue live updates to the emergency situation.
  • The SmartStatus feature provides a graphical user interface to the system, allowing quick location of emergency pages or reports. SmartView Portal provides a graphical representation of the facility and communication system.
  • GAI-TRONICS’ SmartVolume technology ensures that even in the presence of high ambient noise levels, employees will hear important emergency announcements.
  • Auxiliary Input/Output features allows alarm initiation and auxiliary device activation from the field stations.
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