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Fiber Optic SP2 … Hear the Distance!

GAI- Tronics is pleased to announce the release of its SP2 Fiber Optic Stations! The SP2 server less paging and intercom system that facilities worldwide have been raving about is now available with an option for native fiber optic connection. This allows customers to harness the many benefits of fiber optic technology in hazardous areas.


GAI-Tronics Corporation has been the world leader in harsh and hazardous communications for over 70 years. Our unrivaled experience in this industry enables us to develop solutions for any arduous environment - environments which may hinder efficient communication in the very places where it is needed the most. Our latest SP2 stations use fiber optic cable instead of traditional CAT5 to connect to an Ethernet switch. The key benefit of this update is that it increases the maximum switch-to-station distance from 330 feet to several miles! This edition makes it possible to expand an SP2 system to remote areas of your plant without expensive network additions. Plus, because this SP2 uses fiber technology, it allows for much faster and crystal clear communications over greater distances.

To ensure that every customer will benefit from the advantages of the Fiber Optic SP2, GAI-Tronics has designed this model to be compatible with CAT5 SP2 variants – allowing both variations to be used in the same system. Additionally, the SP2 fiber optic stations utilize industry-standard SFP modules - ensuring compatibility with a wide range of network equipment – making the installation process much simpler.

Learn more about our Fiber optic SP2 Stations at www.gai-tronics.com
or contact Stuart Foote at sfoote@gai-tronics.com
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SP2 Features:

  • All SP2 stations feature a 30W, class D speaker amplifier.
  • Because SP2 is a server less system, it can be easily integrated into an existing IP network which significantly reduces installation costs of SP2 and simplifies plant data architecture.
  • SP2 is fast. Since no server is needed to set up call routing and conference bridges, SP2 can provide immediate one way paging and full-duplex “party-line” communication.
  • SP2 is simple. There’s no keypad and no extensions to memorize. Simply lift the handset, select a paging zone, squeeze the handset press bar, and make an announcement over the system speakers. Release the press bar and talk on of the five available party lines.
  • SP2 is reliable. There are no servers to fail or update. SP2 will also notify you of any problems via e-mail.
  • SP2 is flexible. Every SP2 station is capable of being configured with unique characteristics, including priority, zone destinations, volume levels, and so on. Indoor, weatherproof and hazardous area stations with worldwide approvals are available, ensuring that SP2 can be used everywhere it’s needed.

Fiber Optic SP2 Features:

  • Use of fiber optics instead of CAT5 cable increases the maximum switch-to-station distance from 330 feet to several miles!
  • Fiber Optic option is available on all SP2 variants including:
    • Indoor and outdoor stations
    • Speaker amplifiers
    • Remote stations
    • Safe and hazardous stations
  • Fiber Optic and CAT5 stations can be used together in the same SP2 system


Andrea Sparagana, Marketing Associate

Andrea joined GAI-Tronics’ team in September of 2017 after completing her bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Alvernia University for a brand new role as our Marketing Associate. She currently handles the company’s trade show management, publication management, social media, and much more. In her spare time, you can find Andrea with her family and friends or traveling around the world.