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The Master System

Elemec3 (E3) is a network enabled Public Address and General Alarm system designed to work in life critical installations in some of the world’s toughest industrial communications markets. Using IP technologies to fully utilize end user infrastructure, the Elemec2 high integrity PA/GA systems are commonly used on Oil & Gas Platforms, FPSOs, Power Generation Plants, Refineries, Chemical Plants, and other industrial facilities worldwide, where the safety of all personnel is of primary importance.

A Robust Framework

The equipment is designed for failsafe operation with extensive system status monitoring for maximum availability. The system can be prioritized for emergency and routine paging of live announcements and alarms can be automatically or manually initiated from any point. System expansion is defined by the user’s network.

A True Legend

Easy to service and maintain, the Elemec3 utilizes the latest multicast technology to produce a totally configurable modular IP platform. It continuously monitors these modules, while maintaining a network connection to ensure that a high level of integrity and reliability is achieved system wide. System status may be remotely monitored by the use of a PC, real time status reports on Elemec3’s operation, including access panel status, control inputs, control outputs, and fault indications can be viewed and monitored. A featured class D amplifier is designed for use in a range of applications; while a variety of network enabled panel variants offer password protected user level access.

The IP Access Panel Family

Most recently, Elemec3 welcomed another IP access panel to the family that is now downloadable in app format! The new app is compatible with all Windows 10® PC’s and tablets. This transformation allows for viewing cleaner graphics, the ability to control local volume, and is compatible with existing Elemec3 IP controller systems. Now you can connect to multiple systems from a single device!

If you need a configurable, modular, easily monitored and maintained PA/GA system you can rely on, there really is only one choice.

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