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Introducing the Fiber Optic SP2!

GAI-TRONICS is pleased to announce the release of our SP2 Fiber Optic Stations! The SP2 server-less paging and intercom system facilities worldwide have been raving about is now available with an option for native fiber optic connection. This allows customers to harness the lightning fast processing speeds of fiber optic technology in hazardous areas.

Wall-mount Stations
Indoor Wall-mount


GAI-TRONICS has been the world leader in harsh and hazardous communications for more than 70 years. Our unrivaled experience in the industry enables us to develop solutions for any places where it is needed the most. Since our founding, GAI-TRONICS has continued to build quality products designed for maximum reliability, longevity, and durability for Oil & Gas, Nuclear Power, Waste Water Treatment, Petrochemical, and many more harsh industries.

The Benefits

The latest SP2 stations use fiber optic cable instead of traditional CAT5 to connect to an Ethernet switch.

You may be wondering… why use fiber optic cables instead of CAT5 cable?

A fiber optic cable is made up of really thin strands of glass or plastic known as optical fibers. Fiber optic cables carry information between two points using light-based technology; it sends information in a beam of light down a plastic or glass pipe that allows you to transmit telephone call at the speed of light.

The key benefit of this update is that it increases the maximum switch-to-station distance from 330 feet to several miles! This makes it possible to expand an SP2 system to remote areas of your plant without expensive network additions.

To ensure that every customer will benefit from the advantages of the Fiber Optic SP2, GAI-TRONICS has designed this model to be compatible with CAT5 SP2 variants – allowing both variations to be used in the same system. Additionally, the Fiber Optic SP2 stations utilize industry standard SFP modules – ensuring compatibility with a wide range of network equipment – making the installation process much simpler.

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