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Need a Lift? HUBBCOM™ IP Devices are Perfectly Suited for Elevators!

When it comes to elevator companies, we realize that they come in quite a variety of sizes, ranging from the behemoth industry-leading corporations to large independent elevator companies and scaling down to small, local options. A few things that they all have in common are that each install, service and maintain elevators and all can undoubtedly benefit from utilizing HUBBCOM™ IP Devices, one of the newest communication options to enhance elevator safety!

If you work for an elevator company and are searching for added value in the form of audio/video calls to the security control room, look no further! Our HUBBCOM™ IP Devices can deliver this added feature to your current elevator video monitoring system or fill the void if no system is in place. Since the HUBBCOM™ IP Device is a network device, it is necessary to install a network during new construction or an elevator upgrade project, unless the end user provides connectivity to their own. Once that network installation process or connection is complete, the HUBBCOM™ IP Device functionality is simple.

From the Elevator

  • In an emergency, a passenger can quickly call for help using a HUBBCOM™ Device. A simple tap on the screen reveals an emergency "pushbutton." By touching this control, the elevator car’s HUBBCOM™ IP Device will initiate a video call to the security center.

At the Security Center

  • When a passenger emergency call has been initiated, the security officer on duty will receive a notification on their HUBBCOM™ Device screen, along with an alert tone. By simply accepting the call, the security officer can carry on a two-way video call with the passenger in the elevator car, reassuring them that help is on the way.

Studies show that video calls are a far more effective tool for alleviating panic and worry in stressful situations than audio alone HUBBCOM™ IP Devices ensure that elevator emergency situations can be handled quickly and effectively.

Our products have been functioning in the most harsh and hazardous environments all over the world for the past 70 years, so you can rest assured that the superior quality of our HUBBCOM™ IP Devices will increase the satisfaction of your end users and decrease their frustration with malfunctioning electronics equipment.

GAI-TRONICS Products recommended for this application are GSC1100 (security office) and GSC4100 (flush mount). Both include point-to-point serverless audio and video capabilities, overhead paging with intercom, web portal access, a seven inch capacitive touch screen, 24Vdc or PoE/PoE+ Input, integral 2W speaker, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth access. Contact us for a demo or to meet with a member of our sales team to see how we can enhance your elevator project today.

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