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Transit Communications Solutions


On-board Communications

IP On-board Train Comms
  • Enables Crew to Crew and Passenger Communications / Public Address Over an IP Network
  • Routine Calls Between Driver and Crew Members
  • Hands-free Call for Aid/Emergency Units with Two-way Speech
  • Zone Passenger Broadcast Announcements
  • Self-diagnostics and Fault Reporting Facility
  • Ambient Noise Monitoring and Automatic Adjustment
  • Integration with Visual Displays for Synchronized Information

Platform Communications

RED ALERT® Pedestals and Towers
  • Standard colors of Architectural Bronze, Safety Blue, and Safety Red are Pleasing in all Settings
  • UL 1598 Listed for Outdoor Installations
  • Supports RED ALERT® Telephones
  • Durable Powder-coated Epoxy Finish to Withstand the Most Harsh Environments
  • ADA Compliant Telephone Mounting Height
  • Custom Colors and Graphics Available
  • Three (3) Sizes Available

Trackside Communications

Fiber Optic Telephones
  • Optical Fiber Direct Into Phone
  • Low Power, Can Be Powered by Solar Panel
  • Vandal Resistant Metal Buttons
  • Hands-free Operation
  • Robust and Weather-resistant, up to IP66
  • Full & Auto-dial Options Available
  • Push to Talk (PTT) Option
  • Remote Monitoring and Reporting
  • Multicast and Conferencing Capability
  • CE Compliant