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by Haefely Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: DEC 6

Decoupling Network for Symmetrical Data and Control Lines

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The DEC 6 is used for decoupling auxiliary equipment from an EUT tested with 10/700us impulses up to 6.6kV peak. It is used to decouple unshielded symmetrical data and signal lines according standard ITU K.44. Up to 4 wires can be tested simultaneously. To obtain maximum flexibility only decoupling and protection elements are included in the DEC 6. Coupling circuits, which depends on the EUT to be tested, can be placed separately in the test setup. Manual coupling selection of the protection elements for best protection of the auxiliary equipment.strong Default protection elements are gas arrestors and breakdown avalanche diodes (ABDs). With such elements the capacitive load to the EUT lines is small. The decoupling elements can be selected easily. It is also possible to test without any protection elements.

  • 10/700us telecom impulses
  • 100kHz ring wave impulses
  • Breakdown avalanche diodes and gas arrestors as protection elements
  • Combination wave 1.2/50us - 8/20us impulses
  • Decoupling resistors 200 Ohm
  • Signal Bandwidth up to some 10MHz
  • Up to 4 wires can be tested

Safe and Easy - All the sockets are safety banana plugs to ensure maximum safety to the user. The selected protection element can be seen at a glimpse.;Sturdy and Reliable - Careful component selection ensures that the DEC 6 will continue to operate under the most strenuous testing regimen.;Report Generation - The unit controller can automatically generate test reports without a computer. Add WinFEAT&R control and reporting software on a host PC to collect and collate data in any format you like.


  • Testing unshielded symmetrical data and signal lines
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Other international requirements for surge testing symmetrical data- and control lines such as TIA 968 A (FCC part 68)