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PIM 155

by Haefely 

Catalog ID: PIM 155

100kHz & 1MHz Oscillating Magnetic Field Module

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IEC 61000-4-10 describe an oscillating magnetic field generator. The oscillating magnetic field is used to test the immunity of electronic equipment to be installed in high voltage sub-stations.Safety is paramount when AC and impulse voltages are being used. The PIM 155 High Voltage connections are all designed so no accidental contact can occur.  PIM 155 with the PSURGE 8000 Surge Platform can perform all the programming functions required to perform IEC and ANSI testing without the need of a control computer.  A high accuracy current probe is delivered with the PIM155 to verify the induction coil currents.The integration in the WinFEAT&Rstrong control and reporting software package enhances an efficient set-up and operation of this test system. Most importantly, the test load can be transferred to a computer freeing valuable resources.

  • 100kHz &
  • amp
  • 1MHz frequencies
  • Magnetic field strength up to 100A/m
  • Repetition rate of 400Hz @ 1MHz
  • Variable burst duration


Accessories WinFEAT&R Control and reporting software. Runs under Windows XP and Windows 7