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PIM 120

by Haefely Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: PIM 120

PIM 120 as part of the PSURGE 8000 Surge Platform System can be used together withstrong Coupling / Decoupling Networks (CDNs) for superimposition of the impulse on telecom and other communication lines. The PCD 120 and the PCD 122 are tailored to meet the ITU and IEC requirements for 2 & 4 wire interfaces.

  • Floating high voltage output
  • 10/700us pulse 15W &
  • 40W
  • 4kV impulse voltage
  • 8kV charging voltage as in IEC 60950
  • Impulse voltage &
  • current monitors
  • WinFEAT&
  • R software integrated
  • Safe and Easy - The interlocked HV section and the integrated controller allow your operators to test safely and easily.
  • Sturdy and Reliable - Careful component selection ensures that the PIM 120 will continue to operate under the most strenuous testing regime.
  • Report Generation - The unit can automatically generate test reports without a computer. Add WinFEATR control and reporting software to collect and collate data in any format you like.