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TSR (Tank Series Resonant)

by Haefely 

Catalog ID: TSR (Tank Series Resonant)

Resonant Test System

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HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS' tank type series href="http://www.haefely-hipotronics.com/product/product-category/resonant-test-systems/" resonant test systems are designed for testing power cables, power factor correction caps, generators and more. Allowing for multiple taps the TSR systems can provide voltage and current for many applications.

  • laboratory applications (with remote assistance)
  • Mobile via forklift or crane
  • No transient over voltages generated during flashover
  • Patented reactor drive mechanism
  • PC based controls hardened for industrial &
  • amp
  • PD free (down to 2pC, with necessary measures
  • Pure AC sine wave at output


Application Cables;Generators;Power Factor Correction Capacitors;Bushings;CTs, PTs and CCVTs;Partial Discharge Testing;C & tan delta measuring