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by Haefely Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: UHVDC

Applied DC Testing

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HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS standard line of UHVDC Test Systems are designed to perform ultra high voltage DC insulation tests on electrical apparatus, bushings, transformers & cable in accordance with IEC 61378, IEC 62199, CIGRE 219 & 189, and other national test standards.The system is built from standard 400 or 600kV DC HV modules and is available with standard outputs from 400-1800kVDC. With our industry leading compact design, we are able to reduce the floor space required in the test area, and enhance mobility while still achieving the required voltage.

  • Automatic data acquisition allows for quick and easy generation of test reports
  • Low ripple &
  • lt 3% displayed in real time
  • Mobile system design for use in the field
  • Quick Polarity reversal meets latest test standards
  • Rated current available to rated voltage
  • Remote Control of system possible

  • Simple to use with quick setup time and intuitive control panel allows for easy testing
  • Minimal Footprint allows for testing of equipment in small lab spaces
  • Expandable standard modules allow for easy future expansion of the system
  • User safety - visible grounding system with external interlocks available
  • Partial Discharge Testing - low PD levels available up to full output voltage (PD level needs to be specified when ordering and may require additional components)

Certifications and Compliance

Industry Standard(s) IEC 60060 - General HV Test Systems;IEC 61378 - Converter Transformers;IEC 60076 - Smoothing Reactors;IEC 62199 - DC Bushings;IEC 62501 - Valves;IEC 60700 - Valves;CIGRE 219 - Cables <250 kV;CIGRE 496 - Cables <500 kV;CIGRE 189 - Cables <800kV;Other standards on request (UL, CSA, MIL, ASTM)