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by Haefely 

Catalog ID: RSKF

On Site High Voltage Cable Test Solution

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For onsite cable testing, the HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS variable frequency resonant test system   RSKF is a mobile and easy to use solution based on the latest technology in frequency converters for testing up to 500 kV cable class. The reactor is made from best quality flat stacked laminations with fixed air gaps and is designed to have a very low loss.The RSKF is a modular system and can be combined in parallel and series configuration for higher current or voltage requirement. It allows easy integration with existing fixed-gap reactors (even non-HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS reactors). Integration can be made with HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS controls as master and non-HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS systems as slave.Larger installation can be made with HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS trailers as master and non-HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS trailers as slave, such as 2S2P (2 series and 2 parallel) or 2S4P (2 series and 4 parallel)  setup would be possible with only 2 trailers from with HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS. The system €™s low noise level also enables partial discharge measurement if required.

  • Air conditioned compartment for Front End components
  • Integrated solution on one trailer
  • Models to match industry standard voltages and currents
  • RSKF model available with 165 kV - 60 A and 260 kV – 83 A
  • Universally proven Frequency converters