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PTTS - Power Transformer Test System

by Haefely 

Catalog ID: PTTS - Power Transformer Test System

Power Transformer Test System

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The PTTS - Power Transformer Test System is designed for routine testing of power transformers. All   supported tests are performed in conformity with IEC 60076 and IEEE/ANSI C57.12.90. Test system consists on   a state of the art   frequency   converter   based   power   supply , a multi- tapped   step-up   transformer,   a capacitor   bank and loss measurement system.The test system is capable to perform the tests below: Turns RatioWinding ResistancInsulation ResistancC and tan _ of InsulatioPartial Discharge TestgNo-Load (iron) LsLoad (copper) LssImpedance Voltage MeasuremesInduced Voltage Te Applied VoltagHeat Run TestThe frequency converter is a compact, clean and silent power supply and is used for power transformer testing to replace traditional used motor generators set. The possibility to supply at different frequencies independent from the power supply frequency allows testing at 50/60 Hz and also to perform the induced voltage test anywhere between 40Hz and 200Hz with the same power supply without any reconnection.Additionally with this elegant solution, a de-coupling of the feeding power mains and the self-sustaining test can be achieved and the parameters stability, symmetry and THD depend no more on  the power mains but from the control structure of the frequency converter.

  • Modular design for futures expansions
  • State of the art frequency converter
  • The highest accuracy and completely calibrated and certified measurement system
  • The lowest system-noise level allowing highly sensitive Partial Discharge measurements