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TMS 580 Transformer Loss Measuring System

by Haefely Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: TMS 580 Transformer Loss Measuring System

Transformer Loss Measuring System

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The TMS 580 is a computer controlled high precision measuring system for power transformers. The system has distinguished itself in the rugged environment of the transformer test facility. The design ensures that its control and instrumentation function circuits remain unaffected by interference fields. The system performs automated measurement of:Load loss measurementNo-load loss measurementHeat runInduced voltage testZero sequence measurementThere is also a Wattmeter function to perform quick and easy measurements without any additional calculations. The measuring data are accessible from other host systems for further processing.

  • Heat run to verify temperature rises of oil and windings.
  • Induced voltage test to check the voltage withstand capability of the insulations.
  • Load loss measurement to reveal indications about stray losses and winding resistance.
  • No-load loss measurement to determine transformer excitation.

  • High measuring accuracy of maximum±0.35% of the indicated power at a typical frequency of 50 Hz and a power factor of 0.05. The stability of the error is guaranteed for 12 month.
  • Short throughput times due to the elimination of instrument transformer rewiring, remote range selection and computer aided processing.
  • Assured documentation quality with a precise test report, which is generated automatically at the end of a measurement.
  • Excellent technical services are guaranteed by our skilled and experienced engineers. They ensure perfect operating condition over the systems entire service life.
  • High operating convenience reduces the learning process and minimizes faulty operations. Intuitive windows operating software helps getting familiar with the instrument very fast.