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by Haefely 

Catalog ID: WB20CB

Open and Short Locator

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The WB20CB open and short locator is a highly accurate instrument designed to detect OPENS in individual conductors and SHORTS between neighboring conductors of various type cable. As an open cable fault locator, the WB20CB locates position of break in one wire of a pair using a 0 to 1 kV AC power supply.As a short locator and high voltage bridge, the unit locates the position of a short between a pair of wires using a 0-20 kV DC power supply. The short can be a copper cross, a high resistance or an infinite resistance high voltage arc.

  • Gravity Operated Solenoid: Discharges the test object when the power is turned off. This provides added safety for the operator and theWB20CB
  • Ground Meters: All meter at are ground potential to help guard against shock
  • HV Hold: Requires the user to be at the control panel and holding the HV ON push button to provide a high voltage output for either open or short locating
  • Phase Reversal Switch
  • Zero Start Interlock: Ensures that the voltage control adjustment is turned to zero volts when the high voltage transformer is energized.

  • Three tests in one unit: Tests for discontinuities (OPENS) in either conductor in a pair of conductors and locates the position of existing SHORTS between the two conductors. Also capable of performing a DC proof test.
  • Variable HV output allows the location of low and high resistance shorts not possible with low voltage Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR s).
  • Rack Mountable easy installation into a 19” rack
  • NIST traceable for significant cost savings on outside calibrations