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8100/8100W Cable Rack

by Haefely 

Catalog ID: 8100/8100W Cable Rack

Cable Rack - 8100

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The 8100, High Voltage Cable Rack included 125 feet of High Voltage Cable and 125 feet of Ground Cable. Used in conjunction with most cable fault locators (Thumpers) and high voltage couplers, the 8100 cable rack provides a convenient and flexible device to safely and quickly make connections to cables under test. The High Voltage cable is terminated with an MC connector to allow for various connections.The ground cable is terminated with a standard grounding clamp which can be used with a shotgun stick. A pigtail is available to retrofit most thumpers to this cable rack system or our HVC series of couplers.

  • 125 Feet of Ground Cable
  • 125 Feet of High Voltage Cable
  • Female MC High Voltage Connector
  • Ground Cable Reel
  • High Voltage Cable Reel
  • Mounting Rack for Cable Reels
  • Two Wheel Hand Truck for 8100W