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5260 High Current Source

by Haefely Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: 5260 High Current Source

High Current Source for Instrument Transformer Test Equipment

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Testing current instrument transformers requires a high current power supply ready to regulate currents in a wide from A to kA. The Tettex 5260 high current source is specially designed to meet the stringent requirement. Based on the state-of-the-art frequency converter technology it offers flexibility and ease of use.Fine adjustment of the testing current in 0.01 % steps allows testing according IEC and ANSI Standards.

  • 50 and 60 Hz indepent of the mains frequency
  • AC High Current Source up to 10,000 A
  • Distortion free output due to frequency converter topology
  • Specially designed for current instrument tranformer (CT) testing
  • Testing of CTs according IEC60444, ANSI C57.13, and other international standards
  • Three operating ranges cover a wide operating range

  • Intuitive user interface through touch panel
  • Safe operation with emergency stop, interlock feature and temperature monitoring