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DDX 9101

by Haefely Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: DDX 9101

Partial Discharge Detector

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The DDX 9101 partial discharge detector belongs to our very successful family of DDX detectors. It is the ideal solution for pass/fail partial discharge testing; incorporating all the basic functions of an analogue detector and meeting all IEC and IEEE/ANSI standards for PD testing.We' ve eliminated the costly, advanced features associated with fully computerized PD detectors. The DDX9101 simply measures the level of PD and the applied test voltage. It s designed to help you modernize your facility at an affordable price and it s simple to operate.

  • Compact, 3U (19’’) rack mount case ideal for integrating into a test system
  • Data acquisition and remote control software package
  • Ethernet port for communication with a PC (optional)
  • Settable PD threshold with indicator light when limit is exceeded
  • Two modes of operation – meter mode or scope mode

  • Perfect for pass/fail testing: you set the allowable PD level and the unit determines pass and fail
  • Simple to use: 8 buttons on the front panel are all you need to operate the detector
  • Straightforward replacement: if youveve got an old analogue unit and need a cost effective, simple replacement
  • Multiple detector: with the data acquisition/remote control software you can operate and monitor multiple detectors at the same time
  • Integrated test systems: because of its compact design and functionality this unit is ideal for an integrated PD test system including an AC power supply